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Example of stretch reflex

Example of stretch reflex

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Both are examples of ipsilateral reflexes, meaning the reflex occursOther examples?Reflex arc -?Patellar reflex -?Jendrassik maneuver -?Jaw jerk reflexGolgi tendon reflex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golgi_tendon_reflexCachedSimilarJump to Contrast to stretch reflex - The stretch reflex operates as a feedback mechanism to control making you drop a very heavy weight, for example. Jump to Examples - Examples[edit]. Another example of the stretch reflex is the knee-jerk test performed by physicians. A person standing Because of this, stretch receptors in those muscles contract to correct posture. Video tutorial of the human stretch reflex in AnimatLab. Jul 2, 2012 - The most famous spinal reflex is surely the myotatic (stretch) reflex as is being stretched. When the patellar tendon is tapped with a small hammer, or other device, A protective response, the stretch reflex can prevent the muscle from During this process, the opposing muscle — for example, the hamstrings when the For more information see: http://www.gustrength.com/physiology:stretchreflex This video is a basic overview of This is a step by step description of the Stretch Reflex involving muscle spindles. in our example, this “stretch” becomes the stimulus. The stretch and Golgi tendon reflexes work in tandem to control muscle length and tension.
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